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Solar Photovoltaics (PV)

Solar PV is utilised primarily for grid-connected electricity in order to operate household appliances , commercial equipment, general lighting and even air conditioning for all sorts of buildings. Through using stand-alone systems and a battery, solar photovoltaics can be extremely useful where there is no electricity source. It is expected that car rooftops, roads clothes and many other items will be utilised to harness power through Solar Photovoltaics ( Solar BV ) 

If you're after a Solar powered PV system whether it be in Wellington or New Zealand, Fantail Air are your best solution for all your solar powered options. 

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Solar power:

There is no greater way to generate electricity than the sun. In fact, the energy from just one minute of sunshine could power the world for a whole year.

On top of that, solar electricity is friendly to the environment. And that’s pretty great too.

But with electricity costs continuing to rise, one of the truly great benefits of the sun is the power it puts in your hands. Reduce or even eliminate your power bill. Add value to your property, and watch as your solar electricity system pays for itself.  

Don’t be a slave to your electricity bills. There’s more than enough sunlight to share. Take control of your power bill Now!!!

High electricity prices

Electricity prices are currently quite high and forecasted to increase significantly in the near future.  With a fantail solar power system on your home you will be protected from rising electricity costs.  As electricity costs rise you will be saving an ever increasing amount of money, boosting your return on investment.


My Enlighten

A system for monitoring your Solar PV system


Enphase ‘Micro Inverter’ solar PV installation

 The pictures below are an example of a 3 phase power 5kw Enphase system micro inverter system at Armstrong Downe's head office. Feel free to contact us here if you you would like to inquire about this or any of our other Solar Powered systems.